Our team

Our initiative is coordinated by a small secretariat and benefits from a wide network of consulting experts, as well as Associate Fellows, who carry out research and contribute to organising and delivering trainings and workshops.

Dr Valerie Marcel

Executive Director, Co-founder, NP4SE

Associate fellow at Chatham House and SOAS

Ileana Ferber

Associate Fellow, NP4SE

Economic growth and local content expert

Peter Harrington

Associate Fellow, NP4SE

Associate, Building State Capability, Harvard University

Daniel Barjum

Associate Fellow, NP4SE

Expert in PDIA, helping deliver good governance in complex settings

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board guides the Secretariat and the Board of Trustees on matters that concern the group’s activities and strategy. Its aim is also to ensure the accountability of the Secretariat to the member countries.

Hon. Mohamed Amin Adam

Minister of Finance, Ghana

Mr. Honey Malinga

Director of the Directorate of
Petroleum, Uganda

Ms. Vandana G. Panday

Director Staatsolie Hydrocarbons Institute, Suriname

Ms. Celia Correia

Senior Engineer, INP

Amb. Ombeni Sefue

Chairman of the Board of Directors
TPDC Tanzania

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees ensures that the New Producers for Sustainable Energy operates for the public benefit and in line with its mission. It oversees its prudent use of resources.

Dr Vanessa Ushie

Acting Director
African Natural Resources Management and Investment Centre (ANRC) of the AfDB

Patrick Heller

Chief Program Officer
Natural Resource Governance Institute

Marny Daal-Vogelland

Acting Chair

Former Director, Staatsolie Hydrocarbons Institute

Laura Robinson

President, International Consortium of Governmental Financial Management (ICGFM)

Todd Moss

Executive Director
Energy for Growth Hub

Elizabeth Mitchell

Independent Advisor

Peter Stewart

Patton Squire Boggs


The New Producers for Sustainable Energy relies on funding from a range of sources, which is critical to safeguarding the independence and objectivity of its research, events, publications and other outputs. Our current funders are listed below. To find out more about how to fund our initiative, please visit the Get Involved page.

Partner organisations

The group collaborates with a range of organisations to deliver its trainings, publish joint research, co-organise workshops, and support policy implementation through its labs. Our Knowledge Partners are organisations with which the group collaborates more closely and over a long period. They provide valuable inputs and help us increase our impact.