We offer several different types of events to our member countries that are aimed at increasing capacity building, mutual learning, and exchange

Annual Meeting

Every year, a member country hosts the five-day event. The annual meeting includes emerging producers and more established producers, as well as subject matter experts, non-governmental organisations and industry representatives. The meeting includes international discussions, interactive training sessions, a national seminar for the host country to debate policy issues, and public information sessions.


We organise and convene in-depth workshops on specific issues and national seminars for stakeholders to debate policy direction. The content and agenda of these workshops are driven by hosting countries.

Training sessions

Member countries have access to training sessions on a range of topics. The duration of these sessions can vary from one to 7 days depending on the topic and on the level of depth needed. Training is delivered in person in a host country or in an interactive live format online.

Virtual meetings

We organise online workshops for our Working Groups and for the Fostering Resilience in Crisis series. We also deliver training online.

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Fall  2022

Government review of field development plans, 2022, Paramaribo, Suriname

The field development plan (FDP) is one of the most critical decision points of the project lifecycle. In developing the FDP governments and companies share some common interests but are also guided by different objectives. This training provides participants with an understanding of the process of developing and approving FDPs, […]

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28-9 July 2021

Aligning the Petroleum Sector with Climate, Energy and National Development Goals

Date: 28 June to 9 July 2021 Summary: The course is designed to create a shared understanding amongst government agencies on the intersection of the oil and gas sector with development strategies, energy plans and climate goals. This will be a live, interactive course delivered via Zoom, with a series […]

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23-23 June 2021

What does the IEA’s Net Zero by 2050 mean for emerging producers?

In May 2021, the IEA released its Net Zero by 2050 report, with a detailed road map of the steps required internationally to cut carbon dioxide emissions to net zero by 2050. Exploration for new resources (other than fields already approved) does not fit within the IEA pathway to 2050, […]

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17-17 June 2021

Carbon Intensity in Crude Valuation

There is a growing expectation in the world of commodities trading that carbon intensity will increasingly affect the markets for oil and gas products. Crudes of higher carbon intensity could then see their value fall against lower-carbon fuels. This will be an important consideration in terms of future market projections […]

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3-3 June 2021

Carbon Taxation: National Practice and International Trends

Carbon taxes are used at the national level to incentivize emissions reduction and generate income. At the international level, plans to apply a carbon border adjustment mechanism in the EU and potential levies on high carbon imports in the US are likely to increasingly influence the markets for hydrocarbon products. […]

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29-29 April 2021

Aligning National Climate and Energy Policies and Strategies

National policies and regulations play vital roles as catalysts for building a low carbon economy. Oil and gas producing countries will need to align and broaden the implementation of their national climate and energy policies to reduce emissions and support low-carbon technologies and investments. Different producing countries will experience different […]

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23-23 March 2021

National Oil Companies and Climate-Related Financial Risk: Analysis and Policy Approaches

One of the biggest questions new producers face as they plan for the future is how to make decisions about state equity stakes in upstream projects. For many countries, state participation via national oil companies has been an important component of strategies to retain a significant share of the benefits […]

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3-3 March 2021

Launch: Fostering Resilience in Emerging Oil Producers

One year ago, as the COVID-19 pandemic closed public life in cities from Kampala to Paramaribo, the New Producers Group started a series of online discussions to review the impact of the crisis on the oil sector. The Fostering Resilience series examined the impacts felt in the countries just starting […]

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1-3 December 2020

Annual Meeting 2020

The 2020 Annual Meeting was held against the backdrop of a global pandemic which precipitated a crash in oil markets, hampered or halted operations and caused many oil and gas investments to be delayed or shelved. In addition to these immediate effects there will also be long-term ramifications associated with […]

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29 October 2020

The future of petroleum contracts

The prospect of a transition away from fossil fuels creates many uncertainties for the petroleum industry. In the immediate context, the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic has triggered an oil price collapse. This changing context may call for new approaches to petroleum contracts. Pedro Van Meurs shared his thoughts, […]

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