We offer several different types of events to our member countries that are aimed at increasing capacity building, mutual learning, and exchange

Annual Meeting

Every year, a member country hosts the five-day event. The annual meeting includes emerging producers and more established producers, as well as subject matter experts, non-governmental organisations and industry representatives. The meeting includes international discussions, interactive training sessions, a national seminar for the host country to debate policy issues, and public information sessions.


We organise and convene in-depth workshops on specific issues and national seminars for stakeholders to debate policy direction. The content and agenda of these workshops are driven by hosting countries.

Training sessions

Member countries have access to training sessions on a range of topics. The duration of these sessions can vary from one to 7 days depending on the topic and on the level of depth needed. Training is delivered in person in a host country or in an interactive live format online.

Virtual meetings

We organise online workshops for our Working Groups and for the Fostering Resilience in Crisis series. We also deliver training online.

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30 March 2020

Oil Price Crash

This session kicked off our series of virtual discussions on Fostering Resilience in Crisis, which looks into different aspects of risk management, from understanding the causes and expected evolution of the crises and how they will impact emerging producers to response and mitigation measures. The first session examined the causes […]

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12-21 October 2020

Government review of field development plans

The field development plan (FDP) is one of the most critical decision points of the project lifecycle. In developing the FDP governments and companies share some common interests but are also guided by different objectives. This training provides participants with an understanding of the process of developing and approving FDPs, […]

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6 April 2020

Government and company response to the crisis

During this time of global pandemic and oil market crash, maintaining and fostering resilience is a focus in all of the member countries of the New Producers Group. This virtual meeting examined how oil companies and governments are thinking about the crisis and how they can respond to foster resilience […]

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12 November 2019

Oil production: valuation, metering and marketing, Kampala, Uganda

The Valuation, Marketing and Metering training course is designed for individuals who need to gain a deeper understanding of various topics surrounding the sale of crude oil and natural gas to market. The course is designed for participants from countries which are either new producers or expect to enter production […]

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12 November 2019

Evolving risks and opportunities for oil and gas producers, Kampala, Uganda

This course introduces the potential risks and opportunities that climate change and energy transition present for oil and gas producing countries. Through presentations, group work and a scenario-analysis exercise, participants explore the potential range of climate and energy scenarios at the global level; identify the kinds of risks and opportunities […]

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11-12 November 2019

Communication in natural resources in Kampala, Uganda

The two-day training couples transparency and accountability guidance with advanced communication strategy skills specific to the natural resources sector. Using case studies of public engagement from resource rich countries, this course helped Ugandan government officials, NOC executives and civil society representatives build an understanding of how communication is linked with […]

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11 November 2019

National oil company strategies and benchmarking, Kampala, Uganda

This course is intended for participants from national oil companies (or state-owned enterprises). We review how NOC roles are defined and how NOCs can improve corporate governance and manage interactions with government. We also review practical approaches to benchmarking performance of NOCs, including financial and operational metrics. We discuss how […]

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11 November 2019

Revenue management, Kampala, Uganda

This one-day training session examines the major challenges that new producers face when setting and enforcing policy around the macro-economic management of revenues expected from the extractive sector. As governments anticipate the possibility of large revenue flows, and adapt to the uncertainties, volatility and other risks associated with them, they […]

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4 November 2019

Mapping Issues Related to New Onshore Petroleum Activities in Ghana

In 2018, Ghana’s Ministry of Energy identified new onshore developments in the Voltaian Basin as an area of particular policy interest. The New Producers Group organised a national seminar for the Government of Ghana on December 6, 2018,  to discuss policy and regulatory issues arising as GNPC collects seismic data […]

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15-17 July 2019

Internal Government of Guyana Planning Meeting on Petroleum Sector Legislative Reform

This meeting was off the record. The New Producers Group can organise internal government meetings for its member countries to support policy agenda setting and intra-governmental coordination.

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