We offer several different types of events to our member countries that are aimed at increasing capacity building, mutual learning, and exchange

Annual Meeting

Every year, a member country hosts the five-day event. The annual meeting includes emerging producers and more established producers, as well as subject matter experts, non-governmental organisations and industry representatives. The meeting includes international discussions, interactive training sessions, a national seminar for the host country to debate policy issues, and public information sessions.


We organise and convene in-depth workshops on specific issues and national seminars for stakeholders to debate policy direction. The content and agenda of these workshops are driven by hosting countries.

Training sessions

Member countries have access to training sessions on a range of topics. The duration of these sessions can vary from one to 7 days depending on the topic and on the level of depth needed. Training is delivered in person in a host country or in an interactive live format online.

Virtual meetings

We organise online workshops for our Working Groups and for the Fostering Resilience in Crisis series. We also deliver training online.

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21 March 2018

High-level Ministerial Caucus on Oil and Gas Strategy

A one-day seminar was held in Georgetown for the Cooperative Government of Guyana’s cabinet and aimed to build high-level awareness of the key issues relating to the oil and gas sector, to frame Guyana’s key strategic choices related to each of these issues and to provide a blueprint for the sector’s […]

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15-20 October 2017

Annual Meeting 2017

The 5th annual meeting of the New Producers Group was hosted by Staatsolie in Suriname. The international group meeting focused on creating investment terms that incentivize oil companies to perform financially and operationally to the highest standards as well as contract administration and operational oversight issues. At the meeting, the […]

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21-22 June 2017

Managing Resources Post-Discovery, Guyana

Significant oilfields have recently been discovered in Guyana. Their development would likely result in government revenues that are large compared with public spending, other domestic revenues and the economy. Large petroleum revenues, if wisely managed, can contribute to sustainable economic development. However, if poorly managed,they can retard economic development and […]

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18 October 2017

National Seminar for Suriname

Key government and non-governmental stakeholders came together to discuss Suriname’s evolving petroleum sector such as the possible impact of an oil discovery on Suriname’s development path, realistic assessments of local content opportunities and governance challenges. This event brought together representatives from Suriname’s ministries of natural resources, labour, finance, commerce and […]

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17-18 October 2016

Good Governance: Preparing for First Oil, Guyana

The Good Governance: Preparing for First Oil in Guyana seminar was held in Georgetown on the 17 and 18 November 2016. A high-level discussion on 17 November featured ministers, members of parliament, high-ranking civil servants, and civil society leaders. Following the significant oil discovery made offshore in Guyana, this seminar […]

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2-4 March 2016

Annual Meeting 2016

The fourth Discussion Group meeting which was held in Naivasha, Kenya from 2 –4 March was the second meeting of the Group outside of London. It was hosted by the National Oil Corporation of Kenya. The central theme for this meeting was the importance of a clear vision for petroleum […]

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29-1 July 2015

Annual Meeting 2015

This forum was the third meeting of the New Producers Group. It was hosted by the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation in Dar es Salaam. The group’s 2015 meeting was held against the backdrop of a steep fall in global oil and gas prices. While emerging producers reported a slowdown in […]

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2 July 2015

National seminar for Tanzania

The New Producers Group facilitated a discussion between the main stakeholders of Tanzania’s petroleum sector at a roundtable with representatives of 10 emerging producer countries. The national seminar was held against a backdrop of intense debate in the parliament, which at the time was reviewing three bills affecting the petroleum […]

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25-27 November 2014

Annual Meeting 2014

The second meeting of the New Producers Group was held in London. It focused on managing public expectations around the sector, especially as exploration interest was on the rise. It also examined what role NOCs should play in an emerging producer context. And finally we discussed how to get the […]

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24 November 2012

Inaugural Meeting 2012

The inaugural meeting of the New Producers Group asked what challenges are faced by new producers and producers seeking to restructure their governance set up? Are these unique to emerging producers? Discussions focused on getting a good deal in licensing and reforming the institutional set up to oversee the sector. […]

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