Annual meeting 2024 Paramaribo, Suriname, 2017.

Annual meeting 2024

  • 3 Jun, 2024
  • Array
  • 12:00 am

New dates! The 2024 Annual Meeting will be hosted by Staatsolie June 3-5, in Paramaribo.

3-4 June: International roundtable discussion, under Chatham House Rule

5 June: Training day

6-7 June: Following the annual meeting, participants will be invited to join the events taking place during SEOGS 2024, which runs from 4-7 June.

Member countries can send nominations to attend the 2024 Annual Meeting. Reach out to the secretariat to find out how. Participants are usually senior officials from petroleum, energy, environment and finance ministries, petroleum and environment regulators, and national oil and gas companies. Other agencies, partner organisations and oil companies may also submit nominations. We will select up to four delegates per country for the international roundtable 3-4 June (more spaces are available for the training day on 5 June). The NP4SE cannot currently offer travel stipends.

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