Communication in natural resources in Kampala, Uganda

Communication in natural resources in Kampala, Uganda

  • 11 Nov, 2019
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  • 12:00 am

The two-day training couples transparency and accountability guidance with advanced communication strategy skills specific to the natural resources sector. Using case studies of public engagement from resource rich countries, this course helped Ugandan government officials, NOC executives and civil society representatives build an understanding of how communication is linked with good governance and what strategies for communication and transparency they can use to effectively engage with the public.

The training is designed to achieve the following core objectives:

  1. Empower government officials with the knowledge and skills to communicate strategically on oil sector management, with a range of audiences and at both national and sub-national levels
  2. Empower government to engage more effectively in public consultations
  3. Increase understanding of the state of the art in international extractive industry transparency, 
and empower participants to make the most out of new disclosures to foster substantive national dialogues
  4. Empower civil society representatives to engage effectively and constructively as part of public consultation processes and analysis of oil-sector policy, and to communicate effectively with government and non-government stakeholders

This course can be delivered in other member countries upon request.