Evolving risks and opportunities for oil and gas producers, Kampala, Uganda

  • 12 Nov, 2019
  • Array
  • 12:00 am

This course introduces the potential risks and opportunities that climate change and energy transition present for oil and gas producing countries. Through presentations, group work and a scenario-analysis exercise, participants explore the potential range of climate and energy scenarios at the global level; identify the kinds of risks and opportunities that might emerge in their national context, and learn about some of the emerging policy and practical approaches that can help manage climate-related risks and maximise low-carbon opportunities. This course is especially aimed at participants with policymaking and/or decision-making roles and responsibilities in ministries of finance and/or national planning; ministries of petroleum, energy and/or resources, and; ministries of environment. Participants gain an understanding of;

    • The range of credible climate and energy scenarios, and some of their implications for fossil fuel investment and demand at the global and country levels;
    • The types of ‘linkages’ that develop between the oil and gas sector and the wider economy, and the ways in which they affect a country’s exposure to carbon risks and opportunities;
    • The role of scenario-analysis in ‘stress-testing’ national- and sector-level planning and policy, and the capacities and information required to effectively undertake it;
    • Some of the emerging approaches and mechanisms for managing climate-related risks and opportunities in economic governance, energy and industrial policy and upstream planning.

1 day course with group work, including a scenario-analysis exercise