Local Content Policy Implementation, Lebanon  2018 Beirut, Lebanon. (Photo: Valerie Marcel)

Local Content Policy Implementation, Lebanon 2018

  • 21 May, 2018
  • Array
  • 12:00 am

This workshop focused on local content policy design and implementation and was organized in collaboration with the Lebanese Petroleum Administration (LPA) and the Norwegian Oil for Development programme. The workshop brought together Lebanese petroleum authorities, energy ministries and national oil companies from Uganda, Ghana, Guyana, Somalia, Namibia and Oman as well as representatives from the LPA, the Lebanese ministries of energy, labour, foreign affairs, industry, education, finance, agriculture, environment and economy and trade, as well as the non-governmental group Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative. The workshop objectives were to examine which models for local content policy design were most appropriate in various national circumstances – notably depending on the stage of development of the petroleum sector and national economic circumstances. But good policy design is not sufficient to ensure investments from the petroleum sector are retained in-country – ongoing stakeholder engagement, monitoring of results and policy review are critical, too, and our discussions tackled implementation challenges as well. Three themes were persistently raised throughout the two-day discussions: clarity, visibility and rigidity.

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