Mapping Issues Related to New Onshore Petroleum Activities in Ghana Accra, Ghana, 2016. (Photo: Valerie Marcel)

Mapping Issues Related to New Onshore Petroleum Activities in Ghana

  • 4 Nov, 2019
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  • 12:00 am

In 2018, Ghana’s Ministry of Energy identified new onshore developments in the Voltaian Basin as an area of particular policy interest. The New Producers Group organised a national seminar for the Government of Ghana on December 6, 2018,  to discuss policy and regulatory issues arising as GNPC collects seismic data and moves to explore in the onshore Voltaian Basin. It identified some limitations of current policy and regulations with regards to local content and revenue distribution, which were designed for the offshore. The onshore presents a specific set of risks because operations are visible to local communities. Expectations will be higher regarding jobs, opportunities and revenue windfall. Negative impacts are also more likely to be directly felt at the local level. GNPC has engaged with communities, to inform them and hear their concerns. The national government authorities’ engagement and regulatory preparations are still at an early stage. GOGIG asked Chatham House and the New Producers Group to provide an external view on the risks and possible mitigation strategies, drawing on the experience of other emerging and established onshore oil producers.