Technical Seminar on Emission Lifecycles

Technical Seminar on Emission Lifecycles

  • 6 Sep, 2023
  • Array
  • 12:00 am

This virtual seminar will convene the technical officers of the five delegations participating in the 2023 NPG training on emissions. Technical officers from other member countries may also attend.

Our speakers, TJ Conway, RMI and Deborah Gordon, RMI, will present the OPGEE model and illustrate its application with proxy fields.

Objectives: Familiarize participants with assessment of lifecycle emissions. Identify critical variables for modelling lifecycle emissions of key fields.


  • Before the technical seminar: Each team identifies 2 target projects the country will work on. Each country provides slides by 4 September of their target projects and what they know or expect about their emissions profile.
  • NPG team identifies relevant proxies
  • Technical seminar: Demonstration of modelling and key variables at technical seminar. NPG team identifies a list of variables and data the technical team should compile
  • Technical teams work on developing lifecycle projection of emissions and identifying levers to reduce emissions
  • Technical teams present their progress at the workshop/training