Field Development Plans: A Handbook for Government Officials

  • Apr 2023
  • Naadira Ogeer

This handbook for the government’s review of Field Development Plans (FDP) has been developed for the members of the New Producers Group, following our training on the topic.

Developing a petroleum field requires the safe and efficient execution of extremely complex, technical, risky, multi-billion-dollar projects. The Field Development Plan (FDP) is the company’s proposal for how it intends to develop a field and manage the associated risks. It is the outcome of a lengthy multi-disciplinary process and is submitted to the government for approval.

The FDP is a critical moment in the project lifecycle as decisions will impact the field over its entire life. It is therefore of paramount importance that the government is able to review these plans to ensure that strategic, technical, economic, social and environmental issues are effectively addressed for the benefit of its citizens.

The objectives of this handbook are:

  1. To improve government officials’ understanding of Field Development Plans
  2. To provide an overview of the critical role government plays in the FDP process and why effective review and oversight is important
  3. To provide practical tools to support government officials

The expected outcome from utilisation of this toolkit is early and ongoing engagement between companies and the government that is focussed on identifying and managing risks to optimise value for both the country and companies.


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