There are many ways you can support what we do: getting involved as a member, becoming a sponsor or a knowledge partner.


New member countries

The New Producers for Sustainable Energy welcomes new member countries. Prospective and new oil and gas producers can join as members. And established producers can join as peer countries. Membership is free, it’s voluntary and it’s non-binding. Countries can withdraw at any time. Continued membership is contingent on active participation in activities every year. Applications can be made by individuals representing any government agency – whether petroleum, finance, environment or planning – or a national oil company.

New individual members

Membership is open to government officials and state-owned enterprises from our member and peer countries.

If you are not in government, but interested in supporting the Group please visit our Become a partner or Sponsor us pages. You can also access our resources and publications, which are freely available to the public.


There is no cost to join the New Producers for Sustainable Energy. Participating in some activities involves costs related to travel – notably in-person training, workshops and the annual meeting. Where necessary, the Secretariat works to raise funds to offer stipends to support travel costs.

The Helpdesk is free, but receiving technical assistance or participating in an exchange with a peer involves costs that the member country pays for or that the NP4SE and the member governments fundraise for together.

Interested in becoming a member?

    Our vision is for emerging oil and gas producers to achieve sustainable and equitable development by designing their sectors ‘right’, avoiding the pitfalls of the past (including the resource curse) and minimizing GHG and methane emissions, while developing pathways that increase energy access and build prosperity and resilience in the transition.

    To achieve this, the NP4SE aims to act as a catalyst for sustainable energy transitions for emerging oil and gas producers. We will continue to make the most of the unique space our peer-to-peer exchanges provide, delivering impact through our training & toolkits, research & analysis, by convening dialogues, and through our new policy labs, which offer structured technical assistance and policy reform facilitation.

    We are fundraising for our new Policy Labs on emissions, our Annual Meeting, as well as programmatic support. The New Producers for Sustainable Energy is a non-profit initiative, with registration with the Charity Commission of England and Wales pending. The below organisations have sponsored us over the past 3 years.

    Who are our sponsors?

    Interested in sponsoring us?

      Our knowledge partners are organisations that contribute largely pro-bono to the project. They may offer training sessions or participate in joint research. They may fund joint activities and also provide data and analysis for the benefit of the member countries.

      Who are our partners?

      Interested in becoming a partner?