Establishing a National Oil Company in Lebanon (Policy Brief) and full Policy paper
This policy brief and paper review possible roles for a national oil company (NOC) in Lebanon and their appropriateness at various stages of development. Specifically, it addresses the optimal timing for creating an NOC; the role it can effectively play in the pre-licensing, exploration, development, and production phases; and what governance frameworks can keep an NOC in check. The brief concludes that the establishment of an NOC presents real governance risks. While various processes and rules can mitigate these risks, such measures depend on strong political leadership. Without them, it will be difficult to hold the process to a higher standard.

Prospects for Good Governance in Lebanon’s Nascent Petroleum Sector
There is increased interest in oil and gas exploration offshore Lebanon, but the country lags behind its neighbours in developing its resources. The institutional and legal framework necessary to this process has been slow to emerge as a result of political infighting. However, thanks to relatively high state administrative capacity and support from foreign technical advisors, an adequate framework for investment has been created. Future governance challenges relate to less satisfactory standards in terms of transparency and the risks of corruption.

Is Lebanon Set for an Oil Bonanza
The Lebanese government is banking on oil and gas discoveries to fuel a bright new future. But the challenges are just starting for the small country beset with public mistrust in politicians and ongoing geopolitical disputes.

Local Content Policy Implementation Meeting Summary
The New Producers Group organized a workshop in Beirut on 21–22 May 2018 on local content policy design and implementation in collaboration with the Lebanese Petroleum Administration (LPA) and the Norwegian Oil for Development programme. The workshop was held just a few months after Lebanon signed its first petroleum licences. There is keen interest in Lebanon in the economic opportunities this emerging sector will create. Lebanon’s local content policy was naturally a focus of discussions, but the workshop was equally concerned with exploring a diverse range of international experiences.