Knowledge sharing

Exchange with your peers next door and across the world. The strength of the network of countries allows knowledge and data-sharing between our members.

  • Log in to the discussion platform for governments and NOCs only (or request log in details). Here you can access documents shared by other governments, ask for advice or discuss policy challenges. You can also access the recordings, summaries and presentations from our trainings and webinars.

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  • Invite your colleagues from government or national oil companies to join the group.


Help desk

  • Ask your question on the government-only discussion platform.
  • Ask the New Producers Group Team for advice. We receive 20-30 queries per year. We consult other producers and various experts to provide responses that are balanced and grounded in practical implementation practice.
  • Ask the New Producers Group team for strategic input into your policy making process. New discoveries or changing oil and gas market circumstances can prompt a number of questions about appropriate next steps for the national petroleum sector.
    • We provide on-demand strategic input to help guide policy-making. Working in a small team that includes experts and officials from our member countries, we clarify policy priorities, trade offs and likely implementation challenges.
    • We can organise national seminars to investigate options in a collegial forum. A briefing paper or written summary usually follows the seminar.

Exchange with your peers

We organise country visits, as well as bilateral and multilateral exchanges between member countries. These opportunities are designed to establish mentoring relationships between officials from emerging producers and to encourage collaboration between officials and experts from our member countries.

Uganda-Guyana exchange

July 2016

Tanzania-Ghana exchange

March 2016

Geoscience exchange between Ghana, Guyana, Suriname, Sierra Leone


Working groups

Our working groups are composed of government officials, national oil company executives and subject matter experts. The groups work collaboratively to develop practical tools to support policy making and implementation. At the 2017 Annual Meeting in Suriname, governments expressed a need for working groups to:

  • Benchmark exploration costs across producer governments
  • Address the typically problematic clauses in petroleum contracts and develop practical solutions
  • Develop measures to bridge the information gap between license holders and government regulators

The working groups on contracts and on relations with operators continue to be active and members are free to join. We are setting up a new group for NOCs, to review appropriate strategies for an energy system in transition. If interested, please e-mail us and we will be happy to connect you with the working group you wish to join.

Benchmarking Exploration Costs Working Group

This Working Group considered practical ways to understand, benchmark and possibly codify procedures to guide government officials who are not fully conversant with detailed costs in upstream petroleum operations.


Unsticking the Sticky Clauses Working Group

This working group focuses on helping new producers share experiences and increase their knowledge and leverage in challenging issues of petroleum contracting.


Information Required from
Operators Working Group

The main purpose of this working group is to consider measures to bridge the gap in information between license holders and government regulators of the sector.