Knowledge sharing

Exchange with your peers next door and across the world. The strength of the network of countries allows knowledge and data-sharing between our members.

  • Log in to the discussion platform for governments and NOCs only (or request log in details). Here you can ask for advice or discuss policy challenges.

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  • Invite your colleagues from government or national oil companies to join the group.


Help desk

  • Ask your question on the government-only discussion platform.
  • Governments and national stakeholders can ask the New Producers for Sustainable Energy Team for advice. We receive 20-30 queries per year. We consult other producers and various experts to provide responses that are balanced and practical.
  • Ask the New Producers for Sustainable Energy team for support with policy reform and implementation.
    • We provide data and analysis to support the efficient governance and use of energy, bringing the experience of other producer countries to you. We do not promote any specific policy, but clarify policy options, trade offs and likely implementation challenges.
    • We can organise national seminars to investigate options in a collegial forum. A briefing paper or written summary usually follows the seminar.
    • We support government teams with policy definition and implementation through our Lab process.

Exchange with your peers

We organise country visits, as well as bilateral and multilateral exchanges between member countries, with experts supporting the discussions. We have a lot of experience with facilitating peer-to-peer exchanges and can help start similar processes for civil society groups. These can lead to lasting collaboration between countries and establish mentoring relationships between organisations.

Uganda-Guyana exchange

July 2016

Tanzania-Ghana exchange

March 2016

Geoscience exchange between Ghana, Guyana, Suriname, Sierra Leone