National Seminar for Suriname – English

  • Oct 2017

The National Seminar for Suriname was held in Paramaribo on 18 October 2017, during the annual meeting of the New Petroleum Producers Discussion Group. The National Seminar for Suriname brought together representatives from the ministries of natural resources, labour, finance, commerce and industry as well as the maritime authority, members of parliament, Suriname’s business association, civil society leaders, and oil industry representatives. This seminar was designed to help policymakers and national stakeholders understand the changes in laws and institutions that would be required in the event of a confirmed discovery.

A summary of the National Seminar is available below.


National Seminar for Suriname – Dutch Het Nationaal Seminar Suriname werd op 18 oktober 2017 in Paramaribo gehouden, tijdens de jaarlijkse vergadering van de Discussiegroep Nieuwe aardolieproducenten. Tijdens het Nationaal Seminar Suriname kwamen vertegenwoordigers bijeen van.... 18 October, 2017