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Paper  2023

Left behind: Emerging oil and gas producers in a warming world

Published in Climate Policy journal and available to read for free thanks to Open Access. Summary The push for decarbonization is dampening resource prospects in nations with undeveloped oil and gas. It is critical to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the petroleum sector, but there are equity issues related […]

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Policy brief  2023

Field Development Plans: A Handbook for Government Officials

This handbook for the government’s review of Field Development Plans (FDP) has been developed for the members of the New Producers Group, following our training on the topic. Developing a petroleum field requires the safe and efficient execution of extremely complex, technical, risky, multi-billion-dollar projects. The Field Development Plan (FDP) […]

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Policy brief  2022

Minimising Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Petroleum Sector: The Opportunity for Emerging Producers

The importance of limiting greenhouse gas emissions Limiting climate change requires urgent, significant reductions of GHG emissions by the petroleum sector The bulk of emissions relate to the end use of petroleum products, and are spread among many users, these are difficult to reduce Emissions from upstream production of oil […]

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Event summary  2022

Virtual Training: Minimising Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Petroleum Sector

The New Producers Group delivered a training to its member countries between 26 May – 8 July 2022 with support from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, the Commonwealth Secretariat and the African Natural Resources Centre of the African Development Bank. Minimising GHG Emissions from the Petroleum Sector – Consolidated […]

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Event summary  2021

Annual Meeting 2021

COP26 was intended as the moment at which countries revisited climate pledges made under the 2015 Paris Agreement. The issues related to equity in the global energy transition were forcefully raised by a number of country delegations at COP26. While some observers felt the COP26 agreement represented the start of […]

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Policy brief  2021

Tying Their Hands? How Petroleum Contract Terms May Limit Governments’ Climate Policy Flexibility

Have producer countries begun to modify petroleum contract terms in response to climate change and energy transition risks? This briefing reviewed 34 contracts and model contracts from 11 countries, signed or issued since the Paris Agreement. This review focused on stabilization, arbitration, and force majeure clauses.

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Report  2021

Risky Bet: National Oil Companies in the Energy Transition

As the energy transition affects the future of oil and gas, the room for maneuver of many NOCs will shrink, and the opportunity costs of investing in expensive projects will rise.

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Report  2020

Fostering Resilience in Emerging Oil Producers

This paper draws from a fascinating series of virtual meetings the New Producers Group started in March 2020 to understand how the double crisis of Covid and the oil market crash would impact national aspirations for the petroleum sector. The paper looks at those impacts, lays out some strategies for crisis response (legal challenges, managing oil companies, communications), draws on scenarios for longer term transition impacts and reflects on what policies would help these countries be resilient in the face of the deep change the petroleum sector is undergoing.

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Event summary  2020

Annual Meeting 2020

The 8th Annual Meeting of the New Producers Group took place from 1–3 December 2020, with a focus on fostering resilience in emerging producers. The meeting considered how new producers can adapt their approaches in light of the shocks from the pandemic, and the prospects that the global energy transition will precipitate significant changes in oil and gas markets.

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Video  2020

Post-pandemic outlook for the oil and gas industry

Atul Arya from IHS Markit returned to the Fostering Resilience in Crisis series to give us an updated outlook for the energy sector post-Covid. This meeting was under Chatham House Rule. Watch the highlights in the below video. The full recording is available on the members’ platform. Highlights of the […]

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