Annual Meeting 2015 Summary

This forum was the third meeting of the New Producers Group. It was hosted by the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation in Dar es Salaam. The group’s 2015 meeting was held against the backdrop of a steep fall in global oil and gas prices. While emerging producers reported a slowdown in investments, there was nonetheless the expectation that the market disruption would prove only temporary. Comments made during the course of the meeting, showed that this initial optimism waned and the new price reality was increasingly accepted. The discussions focused on how national development plans, licensing, messaging to the public and local content could be adapted to the new context.

National Seminar for Tanzania Summary
The New Producers Group facilitated a discussion between the main stakeholders of Tanzania’s petroleum sector at a roundtable with representatives of 10 emerging producer countries. The national seminar was held against a backdrop of intense debate in the parliament, which at the time was reviewing three bills affecting the petroleum sector. Overseas participants in the seminar did not challenge the content or purpose of these bills, but focused instead on potential implementation challenges. All participants drew from the experiences of other emerging producers around the table, which allowed these challenges to be put into a broader context.

How Did Africa’s Prospective Petroleum Producers Fall Victim to the Resource Curse
This paper reviews resource sector developments in 12 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa that made their first (major) petroleum discoveries during the most recent commodity boom. The analysis, which goes back to 2001, looks at sector forecasts of international organizations, governments, and companies and compares them with the results that emerged.

The Cost of an Emerging National Oil Company
Emerging NOCs need to adjust their plans and ambitions to the new realities of price and competition for investment, writes Valérie Marcel.