Our mission

We advance education in the governance and use of energy in emerging oil and gas producer countries in a manner that protects the environment, and promotes sustainable development and efficient public administration. Through a unique, peer-to-peer approach driven by member countries, we help governments design their sectors ‘right’, with minimal growth in GHG and methane emissions, while developing sustainable pathways that build resilience in the transition. 

Our unique approach

We do not promote specific policies. We enable discussions within government, with national stakeholders, and between countries in which we consider the risks and opportunities of different policy options, and associated trade-offs. We created a trusted, informal space where member countries can share successes and failures, and give each other advice, free from commercial pressures. We believe that peer-to-peer exchanges and country-led processes will bring about practical, fit-for-purpose solutions that are far more implementable than externally-driven approaches.

Our activities


The New Producers for Sustainable Energy hosts an annual meeting in one of the member countries, which typically includes a two-day international discussion, training sessions and a national seminar for the host country. In-depth thematic workshops are also held throughout the year


Opportunities for capacity building are offered to member countries through training sessions on a range of different topics. Sessions can last between 1 and 5 days.


We produce research of direct relevance to emerging producers that is available to the public. Member country officials and subject matter experts also develop resources and policy toolkits through our working groups. The group has also collaboratively produced ‘Guidelines for Good Governance in Emerging Oil and Gas Producers.


To help emerging producers tackle new policy issues or reform their existing frameworks, peer-to-peer support and expert advice is made available through our help-desk.


We facilitate bilateral exchanges to support members with specific technical issues.

Knowledge sharing

We offer our members a discussion platform to exchange ideas, questions and challenges.

Policy labs

Labs are a PDIA-inspired process through which we work with national teams on policy reform. We offer coaching and facilitation to support the government team with the problem definition, providing training, research, seminars, and engagement with national stakeholders. Governments build their own solutions to their problems that fit their local context. Learnings are extracted during the process and published for a broad public benefit.

What we work on

  • Vision for development
  • Energy transition
  • NOC role
  • Role of gas

a strategic

  • Managing emissions
  • Inter-agency coordination
  • Managing operators
  • Establishing regulators

capacity to

  • Getting a good deal for the country
  • Local content
  • Minimize transition risks
  • Pristine environment

national benefits

  • Managing expectations
  • Engaging with civil society
  • Good governance

Build public
trust &

Our values


Officials from emerging producer countries participate in project design and delivery. This provides an enormous opportunity for transferring knowledge and increasing the relevance and value of our activities.


What makes this group special and unique is its peer-to-peer learning and experience sharing.


We bring together climate policy makers, environmental regulators, petroleum policy makers and regulators, finance officials and state owned companies for joint discussions, enabling more effective policy-making and implementation.

Fit for purpose

Our recommendations are focused on appropriate practice, which is fit-for-purpose, produces rapid results and makes incremental improvements to governance and accountability.


We stress the importance of sustainable development pathways in the transition. We highlight the risks of a commodity-dependent economy and means of achieving diversification and environmental protection.


By increasing knowledge of all stakeholders, we support accountability. We also emphasize the importance of managing public and government expectations about the benefits of the oil and gas sector.

Our history

The New Producers for Sustainable Energy was known as the New Producers Group for its first 11 years. It began in 2012 as a project established by Chatham House, the Natural Resource Governance Institute and the Commonwealth Secretariat, following the publication of our research paper  questioning the appropriateness of ‘best practice’ governance advice in a context where resources were uncertain and petroleum sector knowledge was low. That year, we organised a workshop with emerging producer governments to discuss what policies and institutional set up would be more fit-for-purpose. In the years that followed, exploration interest declined and signs grew that the energy transition would disrupt the plans of emerging producers. Our focus evolved from the governance of the oil and gas sector to a concern for building resilience to a changing industry and environment. Through this time, we have been working as a network and community of practice, bringing together over 900 individual members from emerging and established oil and gas countries. In 2023 we changed the name of the group to New Producers for Sustainable Energy to reflect our growing focus on the low-carbon and sustainable destination for emerging producers.